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Overnight Oatmeal Parfait

Did anyone get outside to enjoy the 60+ degree weather today? I wish I could of gotten a run in outside, but my timing didn’t work out with the rain so I was stuck on the treadmill. However, I have a great oatmeal dish for those warms days you don’t want to eat hot oatmeal, […]


Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a wide open weekend (rare thing) so Saturday we decided to do fondue. We did the whole process from starting with the cheese to the main course of veggies and meats and ended with the chocolate. Since we had three courses of food to enjoy we decided […]

My Favorite Trade Joe’s Wines

Happy Friday everyone! I thought since it’s the weekend I would share my current favorite Trader Joe’s wines with you. If you didn’t already know Trader Joe’s is an excellent place to get cheap, but good wine (at least in my opinion). I don’t have anything on the agenda this weekend so see if you […]

Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Pasta

Is anyone as obsessed with goat cheese lately as I am? I just can’t get enough, and the reality is the fat and calorie content isn’t as bad as other cheeses. This recipe is one I can’t wait to make every fall and since I have been on my goat cheese addiction lately I decided […]

Breakfast Burritos-On the Go

Happy Martin Luther King day! Was anyone as lucky as me and actually got today off? Since David had work today and trying to convince my sister to take the day off didn’t work I decided to make today a day of catching up on sleep and household chores. I also got a long run […]

Beef Stroganoff

After compiling and adjusting a few beef stroganoff recipes I have come up with my own. It’s a crock pot recipe, which are perfect for those days you want to come home from work and do little to nothing to make dinner. I often put this together on Sundays and have it for dinner on […]

Vegetable Quinoa Soup

David wasn’t feeling the best earlier this week so I thought what better than soup for dinner? Over the past year I have explored many recipes with quinoa-that is pronounced ki-nwa for those of you who aren’t familiar. Quinoa is actually not a grain although often thought to be, it is actually a seed. So […]