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Race Recap for 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 8K

Chicago, IL

March 25, 2012

41:56/8:38 pace

Overall Place 6873/34369

Women Rank 1854/19669


I like this shot because it gives you the city feel from the run downtown.


My sister Holly came to support!


Dave was the photographer.


Our first race together!

Difficulty: Medium

I gave this race a medium difficulty rank due to the large amount of people who run this race. The streets are super crowded so you consistently are swerving in between people to try to make the best time. However, just one hill at the end of the race so the actual course isn’t bad.


Door County Half Marathon

Door County, WI

May 5, 2012

1:56:00/8:52 pace

Overall Place 397/1362

Women Rank 158/841


Jake, Angela, & Dylan came to cheer me on and Angela ran the 5K with Dave.


Good shot showing the scenery.


Finish line!!!


After the races-wearing my medal all day.


We Braved the Run!


Difficulty: Hard

Although this was my first half marathon the hills on this course were KILLER! I mean KILLER! The temperature was perfect for a race, but I will never forget the hill we had to accomplish to see the pirates (they have a hill that once you make it to the top people are dressed up as pirates-most importantly they have water for you).


Chicago Perfect 10 Race

Chicago, IL

November 10, 2012

1:22:15/8:14 pace

Overall Place 259


Start of the race was on Navy Pier.


Almost to the finish line-back on the pier.


Chicago Skyline


My photographer and supporter!

Difficulty: Easy

The course for this race is on the lake shore path downtown. There are virtually no hills and the view along the was isn’t too bad either. It was a little cooler since this was race was towards the end of the year in November, but overall a pretty easy race.

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