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Pesto Shrimp Pizza

Friday nights are common nights where David (yes-sometimes I call “the boyfriend” Dave, other times David, w/e I’m feeling) and I hang in and relax from the hectic work week; I often refuse to cook dinner and David is more than willing. However, last Friday I was more than ready to get dinner going, probably because pizza and shrimp were on the agenda-2 of my favorite foods-and even better combined into 1! I made this Pesto Shrimp Pizza and the best part is it’s super easy to make, especially when you use premade pizza dough and pesto like I did from Trader Joe’s. I mean it was Friday, I can take a couple shortcuts right?

Pesto Shrimp Pizza

1 premade pizza dough (T J’s has great options if you want to use whole wheat, garlic herb, or plain like I did)

1/3 C pesto

25 uncooked medium shrimp (defrosted & shelled)

2 C Shredded Mozzarella

2 oz Goat Cheese

1/4 C Fresh Basil

3 garlic clovers

4 T Flour


Make sure to take the pizza dough out of the fridge 20 minutes prior to rolling the dough out (makes it more workable). Preheat oven to 400. Place 2 T of the flour on a clean workspace and start rolling the dough out making sure to flour the rolling pin so dough doesn’t stick. I also lift the dough and spin/let it hang to stretch out and then add the additional 2 T of flour to the workspace to continue to roll out the dough the size of a pizza pan. You can use a pizza stone or pizza pan for baking, if you use a pan make sure to use 1 T of the olive oil to oil the pan and then use another T of oil to cover the top of the dough once the dough is placed on the pan. Fork the dough (so the air can release while it bakes). Bake for 8 minutes (yes-just the crust). While the crust is baking heat a skillet with the last T of EVOO and press 2 garlic cloves into the oil, immediately add the shrimp. Cook just until pink, remove from heat. Cover the partially baked pizza dough in pesto, add shrimp and additional clove of pressed garlic, space evenly on the dough. Then add mozzarella and crumb the goat cheese evenly on the pizza (FYI 2 oz is half the goat cheese pack-normal size). Bake for 10 minutes Add the chiffonaded (cool word for small dices) basil once baked.


Partially baked pizza dough & toppings added.


Finished product!


Enjoy! I ate over half of this pizza myself, David mentioned it was a little salty, which makes sense with the pesto, cheese, and more cheese, but I’m more of salty girl than sweet so nothing is ever too salty for my taste buds!

T=tablespoon C=cup

455 calories per serving
4 servings per pizza


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