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My Favorite Trade Joe’s Wines

Happy Friday everyone! I thought since it’s the weekend I would share my current favorite Trader Joe’s wines with you. If you didn’t already know Trader Joe’s is an excellent place to get cheap, but good wine (at least in my opinion). I don’t have anything on the agenda this weekend so see if you can tell which bottle I have already cracked to enjoy tonight!

photo (2)

My favorite Trader Joe’s wines.

In no particular order………..

Black Mountain

Pinot Noir



This has become my favorite wine lately. I have been really into the Pinot Noirs, which is a lighter red. If you enjoy red you won’t be disappointed and if you usually are a white wine drinker give this one a try, it might just convince you to join the other side!

Vinho Verde

White Wine



Any guesses on what the name of this wine means? Yep! You guessed it! Green wine! Which means the wine comes from the green grapes rather than the mature red grapes. This wine has a little fizz to it as well. I don’t usually like white wine, but I am a fan of this one! It’s usually my go to brunch wine and I am sure it will taste great this summer!

La Finca




My sister introduced me to this wine over a year ago and it has been my go to Trader Joe’s wine since. This is a great red wine! I think the secret is out because abut 50% of the time I go to Trader Joe’s to refill my stock they are out. Try this one if you haven’t yet!

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