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January Mileage

I’m happy to say that January is over, gone, done, complete! I hate the cold although January was pretty mild for a winter month here. My goal for working out in January was to get a workout in Tuesday-Saturday, no excuses excepted and I made it, even threw in a workout on a couple of Mondays. I did stability ball/speed work on Tuesdays, weights/3 milers on Wednesday/Thursday unless I was feeling up to more, 2 miles/abs/kettle ball on Fridays, and Yoga on Saturdays. I do have to say being able to work from home 2 days a week now has made getting my workouts in a little easier with the extra time, especially when I wanted to get a longer workout in.

Mileage: 73.66

Average Pace: 8:42

2013 Mileage: 73.66

A Look Ahead: Well January is out the door and we are on to another cold month here in Chicago-February. I often complain to David about how cold, gloomy, and depressing February is and he gets a little upset since that is his birthday month. February will mark a new workout routine for me since Half Marathon-Nashville Training starts, which will include longer runs on Saturdays. I don’t expect my mileage to increase too much in February since training starts off in the first month with shorter runs, but hopefully my pace will increase.

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