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Super Bowl Recap

I use to throw a mean Super Bowl party back in the day, but then this thing called the real world happened when I got a full time job after college and haven’t been quite as interested in partying it up on Super Bowl Sunday since there is now that thing called work the next morning. Sorry I’m such a party pooper, but what did everyone think of the Super Bowl? I wasn’t rooting for either team and actually (don’t hate me) thought the game was pretty boring until the end. David and I watched the game at home and made semi-homemade pizza and wings. I contemplated making a big spread, but thought that was a little silly since there was just the two of us.


Tossing the wings.

David was in charge of the wings (I think they are one of his favorite foods to make). Using a healthier method of cooking the wings he baked them in the oven. The key to this method is to have a wire rack to cook them on so they get crispy rather than soggy. He made them both spicy, one in a jalapeno lime sauce that he actually marinated the day before in margarita mix to give them that extra lime kick, and the other in an original hot wing sauce. They were yummy and literally set my lips on fire!

Sunday is a day we usually get take out (often Chipotle or Chinese) so I decided to take the easy way out to make a pizza. Instead of using fresh dough I bought the Boboli crust to create a semi-homemade pizza. 


Semi-homemade pizza ingredients

You can really use any toppings you want, but make sure to get pizza sauce and mozzarella. I decided to top the pizza with sausage, mushrooms, and black olives and used sausage from the farm, which was super lean, there literally was no grease!  I just kept thinking this is healthy pizza since it’s made with non-greasy sausage right?!?

Here is the secret to making semi-homade pizza taste ammmmaaaazing………ready………….Molly McButter! Seriously! If you don’t know what Molly McButter is it’s actually an all-natural low sodium butter substitute seasoning. Plus it is fat free! My Great Aunt Kay introduced this to me when I was younger, she was always pushing me to use the Molly McButter rather than topping my veggies or baked potato with a pound of salt (remember I have a salt addiction). Top the crust with EVOO using a brush and then shake on the Molly McButter around the crust. Trust me you have to give it a try!


Molly McButter=heavenly pizza

Wings and semi-homemade pizza were on our menu, what was on yours?


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