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National Fro Yo Day

Everyone knows that today-Feb 6th is National Fro Yo Day, right? Actually I had no clue until today. I usually don’t care about the pointless National food days, but today was different! Menchie’s which is a frozen yogurt shop just down the street form where we live was giving away free 6 oz of yogurt in celebration-whatfree! I AM IN! As long as you “liked” them on Facebook (which I already had and is actually how I found out about the deal) and printed the coupon you could get 6 oz of free yogurt and toppings. I went in and got 2 bowl fulls (even was able to use 2 coupons) since it’s on the way home and knew David wouldn’t be getting home from work until who knew what time, and he likes surprises (unlike me where I would want to go and pick out exactly what yogurt and toppings I would want). Any who, after filling up the bowls more than the 6 oz it came out to less than $3, after I paid I was thinking heck, I didn’t fill these up full enough!

photo (2)

Menchie’s Fro Yo

I picked out Dulche de Leche, Vanilla Snow, German Chocolate Cake, and Red Velvet Royale. I decided we will be sharing both so I can try them all 🙂 There is still time on this National Day to go get Fro Yo (which is way better for you aka healthier than regular ice cream, so use that as your excuse if you need to) and maybe you will be lucky enough to get it free too!

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