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Sunday Indulgence

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We spent time with great friends and I had Nora’s Sip N See today. Has anyone been to one of those before? I wish I had snapped a picture or two of how cute Nora and her party looked. A Sip N See is basically a shower thrown for a new addition to the family. From hanging out with friends to having multiple amazing sweet treats at Nora’s Sip N See I over indulged, which seems to be a common occurrence on the weekends. I decided to follow through on the over indulging with getting Portillo’s for dinner. We couldn’t decided on chopped salads or our guilty pleasures-mine is the beef and cheddar and David’s is the classic hot dogs with everything, so what to do? The easy solution was to get both and indulge even more.


Portillo’s Indulgence

I did run 5 miles before I ate this, which didn’t even put a dent in the amount of calories I consumed. I saw this over the weekend and got  kick out of it. Defiantly fits me!


Then I saw this post tonight and couldn’t agree more.


In Moderation

The point I got is eat everything in moderation. You don’t always have to eat the healthy salad, but if you go for that greasy cheesy beef and cheddar croissant like I did tonight, make sure to enjoy it, but don’t make it your daily bad habit. I have always believed in moderation, so for me my weekdays are my healthy eating days unlike my weekends when I often take time to stop counting calories and worrying about what I am eating. I am sure I will be indulging on more Sundays to come, but the important thing is to get back on track when Monday morning rolls around.

What is your favorite food for weekend indulgence?

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