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February Mileage

February was the coldest and snowiest month here in Chicago for our winter season. I started half marathon training which means I have started the strict mileage schedule, although the first month of training is the easiest. I did 3 miles and abs on Mondays, 3 miles and legs on Tuesday, speed work and arms on Wednesdays, I stuck with my kettleball/stability ball workout on Thursdays, but added in planks. I kept quick workouts on Friday with 3 miles, did long runs on Saturdays and went to yoga when I could fit it into my day.  I guessed it right at the end of last month when I said my mileage would probably decrease this month since half training doesn’t require that many miles the first month, the miles were only less than 10 miles difference however. The good news is my pace has increased by 21 seconds!

Mileage: 64.21

Average Pace: 8:21

2013 Mileage: 137.87

A Look Ahead: Well the harsh winter months in Chicago are over! My 3 mile runs I often ran this month will increase in March, along with the long runs increasing weekly, which will increase my mileage for the month when compared to February. I hope to at least run my long runs over the weekend outside, so I will keep my fingers crossed for warmer days.

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