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Celebrity Stalking in Atlanta

I recently had a work trip to Atlanta, Georgia for training. It was a great trip not only because I got to meet many people who I talk to on the phone often for work who are located all around the country, but also because I got some celebrity stalking in. The movie Anchorman 2 was actually taping at my hotel. I had heard there were celebrities sighted in the elevator, but I just didn’t believe it until I ran into some of them later in the hotel lobby. It was the first time I saw a celebrity out in “real life” so I was star struck! It was neat and I just couldn’t help but stalk them. I have added a few pictures for proof.

Here is one of me stalking James Marsden. When I first saw him I literally pointed and yelled “that is someone famous”. I was on scope all night to see someone after all the rumors I had heard. He was literally sitting at the table right behind mine. If you don’t recognize him he is from Xmen, Enchanted, The Notebook, 27 Dresses, etc. The person in the black hoodie with her back turned to us is actually Meagan Good from the new show Deception The only reason I could tell she was a girl was because of her bright pink nail polish. She had a beanie on and was pretty much disguised but one of my co-workers figured it out later.


My co-worker Chelsea and I actually got up enough courage to ask him for a picture.


Chelsea & I with James Marsden

The second night I spotted more of the Anchorman cast including Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.


Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, & the producer

Paul Rudd actually hung out a table over, but I never got enough courage to ask him for a picture. However, my manager saw them the next morning in Starbucks. Isnt this picture just insane? Paul Rudd photobombs her picture with Steve Carell!!!


It was an amazing first work trip and memorable to say the least!

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