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Recipe Organization

I have been struggling with how to organize my recipes for some time now. A lot of my recipe ideas come from magazines or online. I usually rip out the pages or print the recipe off the web. Then they end up in the unorganized  manilla folder next to my stove. I spend countless hours trying to plan meals from my unorderly folder and if I want to find a recipe I had recently used it is not a quick find, that is a sure thing. I recently decided to go through my old manilla folder and separate recipes into categories.


Then I separated them each by category with a colorful tab into a bright teal binder. Now I can easily find recipes I am looking for.


My question is with the digital age are people just using their tablets and forgetting the paper copies all together for recipe keeping? I have been using my iPad quite a bit to pull recipes, especially since I can easily categorize recipes on Pinterest. However, I often adjust recipes or compile a few together to come up with my own and enjoy being able to scribble on a piece of a paper. What do you do for recipe organization?

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