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New Tech Running Gear

My work has this awesome, amazing, terrific program called Health Rewards. Basically how it works is if you complete a biometric test and pass all the tests (aka showing you are a healthy person) you get a reward in the form of $! It’s also pretty neat because even if you fail any components of the test you can take health sessions with a counselor and they actually teach you how to improve your biometric score and you still get the dollars since you are bettering yourself. Since I got this extra money I thought I would put it towards gear that not only helps better my health, but gear I normally wouldn’t be able to front the cash for since it’s a little on the pricey side.


I bought a new iPod nano, wireless headphones, and a GPS watch.

iPod Nano

The previous iPod Nano I had was generation 2 from years ago. The battery life wasn’t even lasting a week of workouts so I decided it was time to finally update. This one is great because it has the Nike+ receiver built into it so I can track my miles indoors. It’s also a world of difference from my last one because it has a touch screen, is smaller in size, and best of all lasts over a week of workouts without needing to be charged.

Jaybird Bluebuds X Wireless Headphones

I was tired of having the cord getting in the way on my headphones when I worked out so I knew I wanted to go wireless. After reading lots of reviews not only from the web, but many magazines I read I knew these were ranked the best among the wireless headphones out there. They took me a while to figure out exactly how these fit into your ears, you can actually wear them with the cord in front of your neck to use the microphone while talking on the phone or behind your head, which is the way I prefer. After having help from David I finally figured out how these fit, I am challenged at times with things like this. These buds stay in my ears all the time, which I often have problems with other headphone buds falling out, but not these guys. The only downfall is they are quite pricey, but just think you are making an investment and maybe these will encourage you to workout a little more :).

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

I knew I wanted a GPS watch so I could track long runs outside. I decided to go with the Nike+ brand because I already track my miles with the Nike+ receiver/pedometer for my inside runs. I already knew Nike+ is a great way to track your miles and pace over time, plus their website is really neat for looking at your running statistics. I haven’t been able to use the watch yet since I haven’t got any runs in outside, but hopefully soon!

What is your favorite tech gear you use for running/working out?

Does your work offer any time of incentive for staying healthy?

One comment on “New Tech Running Gear

  1. Those look pretty cool! I don’t listen to music when I run so I don’t care too much about all of that.

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