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March Mileage

March had below average temperatures in Chicago, often by 10 degrees which was unlike last year when we had above normal temperatures, which was a little depressing. I won’t complain too much since we had such a mild winter. I did get 2 outdoor long runs in and am hopeful all my long runs can now be done outside. Continuing with my half marathon training I started in February I stuck to the training  schedule. I did shorter runs on Mondays, 4-5 mile runs and abs on Tuesdays, 3 miles and legs on Wednesdays, speed work on Thursdays, yoga on Fridays, and long runs on Saturdays. I had a sore IT band after my 8 mile long run and took a week off without any working out to prevent the injury from getting worse. I am hoping that week off has prevented me from injury going forward, so far it seems to have worked-fingers crossed! I added in yoga to help stretch more with the higher mileage I have been putting in. I also have been foam rolling to help aid in prevention as well. Although I had to take a week off (which was hard to think about the training I was missing out on in addition to putting myself back) the good news is my pace only increased by 1 second from last month so I don’t think taking a week off was as harsh on my training as I originally thought.

Mileage: 84.21

Average Pace: 8:22

2013 Mileage: 222.08

A Look Ahead: The month of April will be a lot about final preparation for my Nashville half marathon. Not only will the month end with the half, but I will also be running the Shamrock Shuffle 8K and the Quarryman Challenge 10 mile, which will have killer hills. I will need sure to keep up with yoga weekly and foam rolling daily to stay injury free. I will also be using rest days before race days to ensure I am rested and ready to go!

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