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Compression Socks

Running longer long runs in preparation for my upcoming half marathon this month has given me the chance to test out my new Compression socks. I had seen articles popping up along with people recommending the use of compression socks during long/hard runs and for even after running for a faster recovery time. Basically the compression of the socks increases blood flow in your legs so you aren’t as sore. I decided to go with brand Pro Compression since I saw they were highly recommended.

Here are the calf sleeves and trainer low socks I bought for using during running. You don’t notice you are wearing them and the trainer low socks were comfortable.

Calf Sleeves

Calf Sleeves

Here I am wearing them about to go for a run. I went with black since I knew I would be wearing these while running and black would be more versatile. You have to look somewhat fashionable while running right?

ProCompression Calf Sleeves & Trader Lows

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves & Trader Lows

I also wanted to get a pair of the full socks which Pro Compression characterizes as their marathon socks. I figured I would be wearing this more in recovery after running so I went with one of my favorite colors: purple.

Pro Compression Half Marathons

Pro Compression Marathon Socks

The socks are a little pricey, but Pro Compression always has sales and I got a steal on these. I didn’t have to pay full prices, or even close to it due to their sales and coupon codes. I really believe these work! Even wearing the full marathon socks for just an hour I can see the blood flow in my legs from my veins once I take these off. Plus they are really comfortable to lounge in too! They recommend them for use during golfing as well, so if you aren’t a runner, but a serious golfer you might want to take a look.


Have you ever used compression socks, if so when do you wear them?

What other types of ways do you try to recover faster?

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