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Buffalo Chicken Wraps (Protein Bar Copycat)

One of my favorite places to grab lunch in the city is Protein Bar. Unfortunately it is a little bit of a walk from my work so if it’s raining or cold out (all winter in Chicago) I often don’t make the trek to get it. I decided to recreate the wrap so I could enjoy it without having to leave the building on those poor weather days and it’s really a money saver. Over this past weekend David made a whole chicken on the grill which resulted in a lot of leftover chicken. I thought no better way to use it than to create Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps (Protein Bar Copycat)

1 rotisserie chicken (or about 3 chicken breasts)

1 C Frank’s Wing Sauce

1 C dry quinoa

blue cheese (4 oz)

romaine lettuce

8 whole wheat wraps (or tortillas)

Cook the quinoa according to the package (1 C dry quinoa to 2 C water, bring to boil, then simmer until water is soaked up by quinoa). Cook the chicken if needed and shred. Mix the shredded chicken with the wing sauce. I prefer Frank’s Wing Sauce over the original hot sauce. I think it tastes the best.

buffalo chicken

Let the quinoa come to room temperate. Chop the lettuce. Set up station to easy fill the wraps including the wing sauced chicken, lettuce, blue cheese, quinoa, and wraps.


Layer the chicken (4 T), quinoa (3 T), blue cheese (1 T), and lettuce (1/4 C). It’s best to layer the ingredients on one side of the tortilla so that it is easier to roll the tortilla closed.

wrap layering

I secured the wrap closed with a toothpick and put each wrap in a separate container for an easy grab-n-go lunch.


Although Protein Bar will win my heart this summer when I decide to go out for this lunch this is a great way to recreate their delicious Buffalo Wrap.

290 calories per serving

8 servings with using a 100 calorie wrap

What is your favorite place to grab lunch from?

Protein Bar, Mariano’s, Panera

Are you a buffalo chicken lover like me?

Do you have a Protein Bar by you?

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