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April Mileage

April was a month of races. I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K, Lemont Quarryman 10 Miler, and the Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon. The weather was challenging from freezing temperatures and snow to torrential downpours of rain.  April included an increase in distance for my long runs for half marathon training, but in addition I added a rest day from running and added in Yoga weekly since I had been injured previously and didn’t want my hip pain to prevent me from any of my races. I did 4-5 mile runs and abs on Mondays, 3 miles and legs on Tuesdays, speed work and arms on Wednesdays, yoga on Thursdays, and long runs on Saturdays. Stretching and foam rolling worked in prevention of injury because I was healthy for the month even with pushing my self in the races. Despite the weather I got PR’s (personal records) in each of the races :)!

Mileage: 95.12

Average Pace: 8:21

2013 Mileage: 317.20

A Look Ahead: The month of May is the start to Half Marathon training for the Rock N Roll Chicago half marathon (literally should have started the Monday after the Nashville half-crazy!). Since I just got done with training I will be starting out with a few rest days. The first month of training is less mileage and since I am currently in half marathon shape I have decided to cut out some of the running to incorporate boot camp twice a week. I think lessening my mileage will be a smart choice since I will be getting plenty of miles in as the summer progresses.

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