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Nashville Trip Part 2-Entertainment

Nashville has been nicknamed NashVegas. This nickname is fitting due to the strip of entertainment off Broadway. Every bar we went into had amazing live entertainment, not one had a bad band. Here are the spots I was able to check out while I was there.



This bar is legendary in Nashville, a lot of bands are known for getting their big break here. The place is kind of hole in the wall, but the bands and atmosphere are amazing.  The albums on the wall give the place a nice historic touch. You can also check online to see the names of the bands playing.




Another legendary bar in downtown Nashville. Tootsies reminded me some of what of Legends with the hole in the wall feel, but sometimes those are the best bars! They also had amazing Apple Pie shots they made homemade.


Honkey Tonk Central

Honkey Tonk Central

Honkey Tonk Central is a MUST! The bar has 3 floors with a different band on each one. You can also get a nice view of the strip off the balcony.  This place had a ton of people in it no matter what the time of day.

Honkey Tonk Central

3rd & Lindsley

3rd & Lindsley

3rd & Lindsley is a place you can go to and watch shows. You will need to get tickets prior. You will often spot celebrities at this location wether in the audience or performing. While we were there we saw Gunner from Nashville perform.

Other suggestions I didn’t have time to enjoy:

Bluebird Café

-4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville

-suggestion is to get tickets ahead of time

What is your favorite place to go for entertainment in Nashville?

What is the best show you have attended while on vacation?


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