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Nashville Trip-Part 3 Day Trips

In addition to enjoying Nashville to the fullest we also decided to make a couple of day trips outside of downtown Nashville. I think it’s always best to make the most of your trip by seeing all the sights in the area, even if that does involve a little bit of driving from the area you are staying at. I am glad we make the trips to see Franklin and the Grand Ole Opry.

Franklin, TN

-located 30 minutes away from Nashville (one of the known high-class suburbs)

Ivey Cake

Franklin, Tennessee is a small town with small shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Most of the celebrities who live in Tennessee actually live in Franklin, unfortunately we didn’t spot any while there. We tried Ivey Cakes while there which is where Carrie Underwood ordered her wedding day cupcakes from. Merridees was also a great little shop to grab coffee and pastries at.

Grand Ole Opry Tour

– 2804 Opryland Drive, Nashville (20 min drive)

The Grand Ole OpryThe Grand Ole Opry is a must see while in Nashville, especially if you enjoy country music and the historical ties. The tour length was just the right amount of time (about 1 hour) and was $18.50 a ticket. Highly recommend!

Grand Ole Opry

What is your favorite place to take a day trip too?

Have you ever visited the Grand Ole Opry?

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