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May Mileage

May was a month of REST. After running a PR in the half marathon in Nashville I decided to take a week of from working out all together to give myself some much-needed rest and relaxation. I also decided for the month of May if I didn’t feel like getting a run in for the day, I wasn’t going to push myself to get it in, but of course that only happened once (where I didn’t stick to my schedule). However, I was also out-of-town for a week in Vegas for work, so working out was not an option with the busy days I had to put in. One change-up I added to my workout schedule for May was Boot Camp. The BEST part about going to Boot Camp is I got David to sign up with me. It’s a place right down the street and we got a Groupon for it so it was a must. Working out with someone is a little more fun than alone 🙂

Mileage: 56.59

Average Pace: 8:40

2013 Mileage: 373.79

A Look Ahead: The month of June will continue with long runs on Saturdays and half marathon training for the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon I will be running towards the end of July. Mid-June is also the start to marathon training….yikes!

One comment on “May Mileage

  1. So much training ahead! And hopefully even more fun! Keep healthy and good job!

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