Marathon Training

Earlier this year I read an article in my Runner’s World magazine on best marathons across the country to run. Included in the article was the marathon considered to be “The Best Race for First-Timers”. Ironically it was the Chicago marathon. After reading the article I started convincing myself that I should run my first marathon (and maybe last)-the Chicago marathon, I mean what other marathon would be better to run than “The Best Race for First-Timers”.Chicago MarathonAfter a friend who was planning to run the Chicago marathon pointed out to me that we were already running the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll marathon that was ideally scheduled half way through training for the Chicago marathon that we would already have half of the training done if we went for the full marathon. Once I realized that, I thought why not, this seems like the year to run a marathon-I mean half of training will be done anyway right?

The Chicago marathon takes place in October, which means a lot of summer training. I don’t do well running in heat so I knew I would need to get my weekly long runs in during the early morning hours. I had heard of CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) and the training they offered so after a little research and seeing that one of their training sites is located where I do many of my long runs for half marathons I thought I should sign up to run with them. So I did!

942828_10101231457142119_1931064830_nMarathon training started last week and I woke up at 6AM on Saturday to run with CARA. Although waking up earlier on Saturdays than I do during the week for work will be a challenge during training I know it will give me that extra push to get my training in before the sun is beating down on me during hot summer days. Plus instead of running alone I will have running partners and even be in a group to run at a set pace that I plan to run the marathon at.

Cheers to 18 weeks of marathon training! Hopefully it’s not as brutal and I can imagine and instead I enjoy the experience.

Have you ever trained for a marathon? If so was it in the hot summer heat?

Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner or group?

Do you run a marathon to always try for a PR or just to finish it?

9 comments on “Marathon Training

  1. Training for the Chicago Marathon myself too! my first one.
    I usually run alone just due to my limited availability to run.

    Good luck on the journey!

  2. I am in the midst of training for my first “serious” half marathon. I could not imagine training for a full!! Good for you!!

  3. Good luck on training, I really want to run the Chicago Marathon one day! This fall I think I’m going to run the Portland Marathon for my 2nd full, it’s supposed to be very runner/beginner friendly as well!

  4. Good luck training for your first marathon! You will do great! I trained for my first marathon (Chicago last year) with CARA and it was great. My time, however, was not ideal, but hey, you gotta put the work into it. So, I’m back this year to get redemption on my less than ideal time. I liked doing my long runs with a group. Who wants to run 18 miles alone? My advice would be to go slow on your long runs and don’t have a time goal for the first one… just make your goal finishing.

  5. The Chicago Marathon has always been on my bucket list, but I’ve never made it out there… I’ve trained many years in the summer’s heat and humidity of Virginia for fall marathons. For someone with heat induced hives, that can get tricky! Scratch! Scratch!

    Since I lead a running group, I’d better like training with other people! 🙂 I hope you love your group as much as I love my running friends! Good luck!

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