Summer Running Necessities

The sun and heat has set in and of course the humidity so that means it’s summertime in Chicago. I am not a huge fan of running in 80+ degrees especially when there is choking humidity. Now get me relaxing by a pool or on a beach with a cold cocktail and I won’t be complaining! I suggest getting in your runs in the early or late hours of the day when the sun it not at full peak. Here are my running necessities that for me are must-haves for those summer day runs.

Summer Running NecessitiesSummer Running Necessities


Make sure to lather yourself in a good layer of sunscreen. I recently bought the sport spray sunscreen which is easier to apply when you want to quickly get out the door for your run. Skin cancer prevention-I am learning every year a little more about how important it is to be safe rather than have that crisp brown skin. Plus it will aid in less of a tan line from your GPS watch.


What more to say than these go along with the sunscreen facts-protect yourself from the sun! Who likes dealing with watering sun bothered eyes anyway?


Not only does it protect your face from the sun, but it’s a great way to keep your hair in place. If you usually run in a hat like I do I suggest switching to a visor for the summer. It prevents your head from getting as hot during the summer runs.

SPI Belt

Most people (at least around here in Chicago) get more runs completed outside during the warmer seasons. I am not a snow bunny when it comes to running so I have used my SPI belt a lot more this spring and summer since I have gotten in more outdoor runs. It’s what I like to refer to as the “modern day runners fanny pack”. I often need my keys and at times my phone when I go running. This is the perfect accessory to use to store those. I always turn it so the “pack” part is at my back rather than stomach and I never notice I’m wearing it. It’s also great to store fuel in for race day or your longer runs.


Although I don’t include water in my pictures that is MUST. Try to stay hydrated before, during, and after your runs this summer. I plan to stop every few miles to hydrate and take a breather to make sure I don’t dehydrate or over heat. Remember those GPS watches do have a pause button!

Good luck to everyone training or just going for a leisurely run this summer. Some days may be hotter than others or get hotter as you complete your run so be sure you are prepared and just remember be safe and hydrate!

What is your summer gear must have?

How do you make sure to stay hydrated during hot runs?

Have you ran in a hot summer race before?

4 comments on “Summer Running Necessities

  1. What is your summer gear must have? Sunscreen and good wickering socks!

    How do you make sure to stay hydrated during hot runs? Plan ahead, bring enough for at least an hour of running and run near water fountains

    Have a great day!

  2. I ran in the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon on June 1 and it was extremely hot compared to the rest of the spring, and we weren’t acclimated. They had plenty of water on the course, but only small Dixie cups of water at the finish. The lack of water at the finish really hurt a lot of people.

    My counter looks exactly like yours the night before my long run! In the summer I always tuck a couple of folded up paper towels in my SPI Belt to use to wipe the sweat off my face whenever I stop.

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