Burgers & Beer 5K 2013

The dreaded 5K…….or at least that is what I had always thought about running a 5K. Before I was a “runner” 3.1 miles was unthinkable to do in a race setting and now that I have been running long distances for a couple of years the 5K was scary, actually terrifying and something I never wanted to partake in. My thinking being 3.1 miles is just to short of a distance for my longer distance runner’s liking, knowing I would have to get in quicker miles than I ever have on a half marathon (my preferred race) just seemed impossible…….BUT then I saw the name of the race BURGERS & BEER! Give me a reason to eat and have a beer, I was sold immediately! My friend Stacy was shocked when she asked me to join her in the race and I said Yes, since she knew I wasn’t a fan of the 5K, in fact I had never ran one before.


Stacy, her friend Kristi, and I got to the race site with extra time to relax before the dreaded 3.1 miles. Although I was pumped for the Burgers & Beer I still had to get through that 5K first.

Me, Stacy, Kristi

Me, Stacy, Kristi

The race was held downtown Chicago on the lakefront, which worked perfectly being on a Monday since I work right there. The convenience getting to a race has never been easier.

F^3 Racing - 2013 Burgers and Beer 5K-127-M

I initially was planning on just having fun during the race and not really pushing myself. Then by the time the race started I told Stacy I planned to do 8 minute miles, I figured that way I wouldn’t have to really push myself, but wouldn’t be disappointed in my results.


Well I thought I needed to push myself harder to make those 8 minutes and then as I was, my watch was showing my pace under 8, but I was comfortable so I went with it. It took me the first mile to get into my groove, but then I felt pretty comfortable under the 8 minute goal pace. Well at least until the end when I upchucked soon after crossing the finish line, which reminded me of the high school track days when I would drink a sports drink soon before my run. Maybe that pomegranate juice that afternoon wasn’t a great idea! Seeing my results and being satisfied with the numbers made me rethink the 5K being so terrifying.

FYI-Pace is per mile not kilometer like it states.

Eating the burgers from Goose Island and the 312 beer was a great way to celebrate finishing my first 5K.

312 Beer

Stacy & I post-race.

Although I felt like I rocked the 5K I am not sure I will be jumping to sign up for the next. I think going forward I will look at the 5K race as a “fun race”. Something I will do to have fun with friends when it’s a festive event.

What is your favorite race distance to run?

What was your funnest 5K you ever did?

And just because of the 5K name-what’s your favorite beer?

7 comments on “Burgers & Beer 5K 2013

  1. Wow! You were rocking that race! Congrats!!! I used to hate the 5K distance, but last fall I ran one and liked it, so I’ve run two already this year. The marathon has always been my favorite distance, but since my injury the half will have to do! 🙂

  2. I’m not really a racer/runner, but I did the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K about a month ago and I loved running through the city, it distracted me from the fact that I was running 🙂

  3. My favorite distance – 10 miles is fun at any speed, after that, a half is relaxing on a good day. I’m not a big fan of burning speed for a 5k, so I haven’t entered into one…
    My favorite beer.. I like cider beers and amber ale’s!

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