August Mileage

August was a continuation of marathon training without any missed runs. Woo hoo! I continued running with  Chicago Area Running Association for my weekly long run on Saturdays. Running with a group makes long runs so much more tolerable, especially at 615 in the morning. I kept up with yoga on Thursdays, which is running rest day for me. Other than that I did a small bit of ab work, but running took over for my workouts in August.

Mileage: 178.35

Average Pace: 8:53

2013 Mileage: 762.65

A Look Ahead: The month of September will include more long runs on Saturdays in prep for the Chicago Marathon next month. I will run my ultimate distance before the marathon, 2 runs at 20 miles. Stretching and ice baths will be essential to stay healthy with these long distances. Is training over yet?

2 comments on “August Mileage

  1. Sounds like your training is going really well. I love training with a group. I recently started coaching a CES group out of Fleet Feet Old Town’s store and I love it. Good luck with your 20 miles!

  2. Keep up the great running! I’m loving the change in weather here, and how much easier my runs feel!

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