September Mileage

September was a BIG month for marathon training. Why I say BIG is because I had my longest run yet, 20 miles! I actually ran two 20 milers in prep for the marathon.  I continued running with  Chicago Area Running Association for my weekly long run on Saturdays and I don’t think I could of ran 20 miles without them.  I kept up with yoga once a week and added an additional rest day on Monday if I felt it was needed. The increase longer long runs really exhausted me so I didn’t feel bad skipping a run every now and then if my body felt like it needed to.

Mileage: 172.85

Average Pace: 9:00

2013 Mileage: 935.50

A Look Ahead: The month of October is the month of the marathon!! The good thing is my mileage will be cutting back until the big day and I plan to take a much needed rest from running (at least a week) off after. It’s an exciting and nervous  feeling to be almost done with marathon training. The weather has started to cool off making running much more enjoyable than running in 90 degree days. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the weather is great for marathon day!

2 comments on “September Mileage

  1. Happy taper month! 🙂 It sounds like your training has been going really well. Can’t wait to hear how the marathon goes!

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