October Mileage

October included a variety of  mileage from tapering, my first marathon, and recovering. It was amazing to add 26.2 to my list of mileage I have completed. The tapering was an adjustment for my body, although it was nice to not have to plan in as much time to run for the day. After the marathon I took a nice week off from working out, not only because I was burnt out, but because my body needed the recovery. The end of the month consisted of shorts runs when I wanted and I started to incorporate weight lifting and calisthenics back into my routine.

Mileage: 77.62

Average Pace: 8:45

2013 Mileage: 1,119.17

A Look Ahead: The month of November I have an 8K planned on Thanksgiving day, so I plan to keep running. However I defiantly plan to cut back on mileage and the amount of days a week I am running. In all honestly I plan to take it easy the rest of 2013 by cutting back on workouts. I do plan to add in more weight lifting and calisthenics with the cutback on mileage. My goal is to take a rest day when I feel like it, heck I did not only run a marathon, but spent 4 month training for one so I deserve so r& r.

Side Note: I was hoping to break 1,000 miles in 2013 and I met my goal in October! Woot!

2 comments on “October Mileage

  1. Congrats on meeting your “running 1,000 miles in 2013 goal” so early in the year!

    My family runs a 10K every Thanksgiving morning. I love that tradition!

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