8K Turkey Trot Training

How many people are running on Thanksgiving day? I actually just read that Thanksgiving day is the biggest day for races across the US. I knew before I even finished my marathon training I should sign up for a race to stay motivated with running. I was debating which Turkey Trot to sign up with, but went with one in the suburbs rather than a city race. Plus the gear looks neat too!


Like any race I wanted to set up a training plan for myself. I decided to use Hal’s Advanced 8K plan, but decided to cut out the long runs. After marathon training I was a little burnt out from long runs on Saturday mornings. I highly recommend using Hal’s training plans for any race here is the link: http://halhigdon.com/. I have used his plans for half marathons and always customize the days to go with the days that fit best in my schedule.


I also told myself I could skip a training day here or there when needed. After 4 months of marathon training I wanted flexibility in my workout plans aka sit on the couch when I felt like it rather than running 🙂 One week until a large number and range of runners will hit the pavement for another Turkey Trot. I am not setting out to hit a PR for my 8K, more just to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving for the day and to start my day out doing something I am thankful for-running!

What Turkey Trot are you running?

Long Grove-8K

What are you most thankful for this year?

Amazing experiences I went through in 2013, but the highlight is probably being thankful for an amazing Fiance.

4 comments on “8K Turkey Trot Training

  1. We are doing a run that Sunday! Let’s hope the pies don’t weigh us down!

  2. Have you thought about signing up for the IRun4 group? It is people running for people who can’t. It is an awesome group!!

  3. My family runs a local turkey trot (we can easily walk to the starting line from our house) every Thanksgiving morning. After the race, our running friends come to our house for a quick champagne brunch before everyone heads home to do their own Thanksgiving thing. It’s a fun tradition and a great start to our holiday!

    Having just lost my dad, I’m most thankful for our amazing extended family and how everyone has been there for us. Love them all dearly!

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