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February 2014 Mileage

February was a month of half marathon training. I used the Hal Higdon intermediate plan which consists of 4 days of running plus 1 long run. I had used this previously for the Nashville Half Marathon that I PRed in last year so I thought this would be a good plan to follow. I incorporated in weight lifting […]

2014 Races & Goals

2014 Races & Goals

By the end of 2013 I knew what my running goal was going to be for 2014 and that is to attempt to PR in a half marathon. Since I am getting married in August I knew I wouldn’t have enough time and be able to fully dedicate my summer to running another marathon so […]

January 2014 Mileage

January 2014 as my first month of mileage in 2014 was not high in mileage. One reason for this was I started out the first full week of January doing a cleanse, which consisted of a shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner only. I did not feel I had enough energy and knew I would […]