Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

My friend Stacy and I recently had made plans to go out to dinner in her neck of the woods. I told her my only stipulation was that I wanted to try somewhere new I hadn’t been to yet. When she suggested Farmhouse I heartily agreed. I had heard much talk about the awesome food and atmosphere. Farmhouse Chicago is located in the northern portion of the River North neighborhood on Chicago & Franklin specializing in Midwestern food and drink. The concept is farm to tavern with a focus on local seasonal food, beer, and liquor.

Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

The goal of Farmhouse Tavern is to bring the best Midwestern craft beer and fare from the best vendors in the Midwest. The fresh farm food comes from Midwestern farms in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Almost all food is made from scratch and the menu is updated often to reflect the seasonal fair.

Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

The atmosphere of Farmhouse Tavern was warm and inviting on a cold winter night. The restaurant brings in a vintage Chicago feel with reclaimed furniture from other city restaurants. The feel really does remind you of a combination of an old farmhouse and a modern Midwestern tavern.

Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

Stacy suggested we start out with the Beer Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds as our appetizer or what Farmhouse calls the First Harvest. These were AMAZING!! I mean so good if you go to Farmhouse and don’t get these I may have to unfriend you. Being a cheese lover I have tried lots of cheese curds in my life, but these are in a different rank. They are light and crispy so you don’t feel like you are eating a ball of grease. The homemade spicy curd sauce they are served with beats ranch as a dipping sauce any-day.

Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

For my main entry aka Main Harvest I had the Dry Aged Pasture Raised Burger which came on a grilled country white bun with hand cut fries. If you love thin fries like me these will be a hit for you too. Stacy went with the Rainbow Trout which was served with glazed carrots. Both of us fully enjoyed our entrees and would highly recommend. I have been on a recent burger crave and this hit the spot. I plan to recreate this burger at home so I can be reminded of how amazing the experience at Farmhouse Chicago was.

Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

 If you have been to Farmhouse Chicago what do you recommend?

Where is your favorite spot to grab a juicy burger?


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