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Meal & Fitness Plans: January 11th-17th

Week 2 of 2015 and I am feeling organized and more prepped for the week. I also included details on breakfast and lunch this week to be even MORE organized. Getting CRAZY!!


I made some adjustments to my fitness plans this week to be more realistic. After a long work day of 12 hours I have decided walking over a mile to and from work is enough for me right now (unless it’s below ZERO out like it was this past week, then I am catching the bus). Working from home days and weekends I will strive to add in more fitness. Sometimes you have to be flexible and strive for reality when it comes to working out rather than reaching for goals you can’t accomplish.

Meal Planner

BREAKFAST Waffle with Fruit or Smoothie & Oatmeal

LUNCH Chili & Leftovers



MONDAY Caprese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup

TUESDAY Enchiladas

Using this recipe: Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

WEDNESDAY Shrimp Farfelle with Pesto

THURSDAY Coconut Chicken Curry

FRIDAY Salmon & Spinach Mushroom Quinoa

SATURDAY Out or Wing It




TUESDAY Weights & Cycle Class



FRIDAY Elliptical, Row, & Abs

SATURDAY Weights & Cycle Class

What is your favorite weeknight workout?

Classes right now, they keep me motivated.

Do you workout more on the weekends when you have more time or relax?

Try to workout if we don’t have a packed full weekend of events.



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