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Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

Last weekend I had one of the best burgers of my life. Juicy cheesy burgers are my JAM right now. Does anyone even say that any more?! When my friend Stacy and I decided to hit-up Farmhouse Chicago for dinner I knew it would be good from all the raves I had heard, then when I saw a “Dry Aged Pasture Raised Burger” was an option on the menu and I had to give in to my recent crave.

Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

To read my recent review and details on Farmhouse Chicago look at this post: Farmhouse Chicago Restaurant Review

Since Farmhouse isn’t down the street from where I live I was determined to re-create that amazing juicy burger at home a week later. Obviously, my burger craving hasn’t subsided. I knew I needed the most important component – a hearty pub burger – to be my starting point. In addition to recreate a similar burger I knew I would need thick cheddar cheese and a fluffy white country bun. So my quest for ingredients began……and I was successful finding all my components at my local Mariano’s. The pub burger from the meat counter already pattied up and the fluffy white bun actually came from the rolls container in the bakery.

Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

Now onto the cooking or should I say baking?! With the below zero temperatures I decided to tackle my goal by firing up the oven. I preheated the oven to a hot 400 degrees. While the oven was preheating I seasoned up the burgers with my secret to most of my grilling Hy’s seasoning salt. You are only able to buy this in Canada so if you have friends there I encourage you to have them ship it ASAP, but if you don’t a Lawry’s seasoning salt will suffice as a substitute.

Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

Once the oven preheats place the pan you will be baking the burgers on in the oven for 5 minutes to heat up. This will add more of a sear to your burgers; no it won’t be like a sear from the grill, but it beats standing outside in these frigid winter temperatures. Place your burgers on the pan and flip after about 7 minutes. Bake for another 7 minutes or longer if you want your burger well done. Add the thick cheddar cheese and place back in the oven until melted, which is only about another minute. Feel free to toast up your bun in a toaster oven for a couple minutes. Add the burger and top with your favorite toppings. My choices: ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and a slice of tomato.

Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

No doubt about it this burger reminded me of that juicy cheesy Farmhouse Chicago burger I recently enjoyed. It met my craving and I told my husband we might be having weekly Farmhouse Burger Copykat’s at home for the next few weeks. Soooo yummy and soooo fulfilling!

Farmhouse Chicago Burger Copykat

How do you top your burger?

Ketchup, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato


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